2022-09-03 E-Edition


Airport construction
reaches halfway mark

Construction on the CloudNine private airplane hangar project is slow but steady. The four hangars at the Camarillo Airport were initially slated for completion this summer, but that deadline has been pushed back to next spring. “We’re probably pushing about the halfway mark, if not a little further,” said Nick Martino, vice president of operations for RKR Inc., the Westlake […]

Council member questions hospital outages

Councilmember Tony Trembley wants some light shed on why Southern California Edison left St. John’s Hospital Camarillo in a communication blackout during a recent power outage at the hospital. St. John’s has experienced four outages in the past year, Trembley said. What concerned Trembley most about the hospital’s July 18 outage was what he called SCE’s failure to respond to […]

City decreases time allowed for watering

Camarillo’s parched lawns are going to get even drier. Outdoor watering rules have changed, and residents must now restrict watering to once a week for 10 minutes—five minutes less than previous guidelines. The city adopted the new water conservation urgency ordinance at an Aug. 24 City Council meeting to align with requirements released June 14 from the Metropolitan Water District […]

In filing, DA defends murder charges against Grossman

Responding to a defense request to dismiss two counts of murder against Rebecca Grossman, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has laid out why it believes the evidence supports the filing of the most serious of charges against the Hidden Hills resident. In a document filed Aug. 18 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Deputy District Attorney Ryan Gould […]

Labor Day honors America’s working-class heroes

Over the past few years it’s become evident just how much workers at all levels of the economy matter. During the COVID pandemic we recognized not just doctors and nurses as heroes on the front line, but all hospital personnel, from janitorial staff members to admitting clerks. Same went for grocery store checkers and stockers—when there were items to stock. […]


Air show bombs in noise department

I am writing in response to the article titled “Bombs away” in the Aug. 27 issue of the Camarillo Acorn. I have heard nothing but negative input from friends and acquaintances who live in the area regarding the bomb simulation aspects of the event. After the event, I immediately wrote an email to the Wings Over Camarillo with my concerns. […]

Allow loud fun two days a year

Regarding the Aug. 27 “Bombs away” article: Complain, complain, complain. That is all some people can do. Now that it has been explained to all you complainers, none of you will be credible next year. Two days a year we have a great air show. Next year let us get the F-18 and the WWI display. Do you complainers want […]

Vote for the environment

The tragic death of fearless environmental justice champion Carmen Ramirez leaves the Ventura County Board of Supervisors in tremendous need of a committed leader for people and our shared planet. As the fastest-heating county in the continental United States, with around 42,000 agricultural workers, over-drafted groundwater basins, an increasing homeless population and a fossil-fueled inflation crisis at stake, Ventura County […]