2021-12-31 E-Edition

TOP 10 stories of 2021

A new year dawns tonight, and there was plenty of news in 2021. While some things came to end, e.g., the Skyway Playhouse, there were new beginnings, such as the city’s groundwater desalter facility. The Acorn takes a look back at the top 10 stories of the past year. Merger April brought with it news that the Camarillo and Oxnard […]

Maps shift region’s political landscape

State, congressional districts more purple

California’s revised political maps have been signed and sealed, paving the way for a spirited midterm election next year in which blue and red candidates will be forced to fight on new, perhaps unfamiliar ground. The California Citizens Redistricting Commission voted Dec. 20, a week before its deadline, to approve final maps for the 52 U.S. congressional, 80 Assembly and […]

Deputy foils attempted theft of tools from mayor’s company

Retired captain helped with Christmas Day arrest

Sheriff’s Dep. Tamara Petersen was on patrol Christmas afternoon when she saw a pickup truck as it turned from Constitution Avenue onto Pleasant Valley Road. Something didn’t seem right to Petersen, who noticed tools in the truck bed. The truck was missing a front license plate, and the left rear tire was nearly flat. When she turned on her lights […]

The time is now to act on field lab cleanup

The end of the year often brings with it a look to the future. What’s next? What needs to get done? How do we get better? For far too long we’ve watched one issue in Ventura County languish; trapped between the gears of government and big business, neither willing to take responsibility or make the hard choices to get the […]

Both sides are missing the point

I read your article regarding the proposed changes to Congressman Gallegly’s office at Cal Lutheran University. It seems to me that both Congressman Gallegly and Ms. Varlotta may have missed the point and the purpose of all of this, which she has so clearly stated, i.e., what is best for the students, faculty and the academic community. With all due […]

Project big on promise, short on reality

It has been more than a year since the proposed Camarillo Springs golf course development draft environmental impact report was submitted to the city and public feedback collected. What happened during 2021? Well, a proposed final EIR was submitted to the city. The final EIR is required to address all the questions and issues raised by the draft EIR. For […]

Happy New Year from the Acorn Newspapers!

College district trustee frustrated she was not named board chair

Says it is an example of systemic barriers for leaders of color

If the Ventura County Community College District is truly committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, trustee Gabriela Torres said, the leadership of its board would reflect that commitment. During the board’s annual reorganization, Torres—who has yet to serve as chair or vice chair since her election in 2018—spoke out against the challenges that women of color like herself face in […]

Crash victim was musician, filmmaker

Ethan Ardalan, a 23-year-old filmmaker and musician, was identified as the person killed in a solo-car crash in Camarillo Dec. 18. Camarillo police said Ardalan was driving a black Mercedes coupe east on Las Posas Road just past Lewis Road before 1 a.m. when he was unable to navigate a turn. The car left the road and rolled over before […]