2021-11-19 E-Edition

Bowling party


HAVING A BALL—Above, Donna Green bowls during a fundraiser/ celebration for the Brain Injury Center of Ventura County at Harley’s Camarillo Bowl on Nov. 13. The event raises funds for the nonprofit and celebrates 29-year-old Camarillo resident Stephanie Coppage’s 14 years of survival following a 2007 brain injury. At right, Sydney Oviedo helps Mia Harney bowl.

Camarillo split, but not three ways

In proposed map, Las Posas Road is the dividing line

After reading 890 pages of public comment and looking over more than 90 community-submitted redistricting proposals, Ventura County’s supervisors have narrowed their choice down to one map. The map, approved after a five-hour meeting Tuesday, meets all of the supervisors’ demands and most of constituents’ wants, said Supervisor Kelly Long after submitting map 82042 for consideration. The map can be […]

Can’t rain on city’s Christmas parade

Holiday event back in action after hiatus

The pandemic Grinch won’t be stealing Camarillo’s traditional Christmas parade this year. Safety considerations caused major changes to last year’s event staged by the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District. Due to COVID restrictions, floats, bands and equestrian units were not allowed in 2020, but arrangements were made to have Santa Claus ride around town and wave to kids from […]

Man arrested on suspicion of ramming police car

A transient was arrested Nov. 14 on suspicion of ramming the patrol vehicle of a Ventura County sheriff’s deputy with another SUV that looked like a law enforcement car, authorities said. The collision occurred in an agricultural area of the Santa Rosa Valley at 1:30 p.m. Nov. 14 on a farm road near Honey Hill Drive. The deputy was answering […]

Statewide redistricting committee issues preliminary maps before Dec. 27 deadline

Political landscape will look much different in 2022

A commission charged with redrawing boundaries for California’s congressional, Assembly, state Senate and Board of Equalization districts issued a set of preliminary maps last week that could leave the area’s political neighborhoods looking much different than they do now. The commission—comprising five Republicans, five Democrats and four people not affiliated with either party—works at the state level to redraw lines […]

EDITORIAL: Take your Acorn on vacation, even if it’s right at home

Vacationing. It’s something most of us look forward to doing each year. And even if we can’t fly off to a faraway tropical destination, we can still enjoy a wellearned escape from the work routine—even if it’s just for the weekend. Whether it’s a trip overseas, a drive across the country or a day on the town, the Acorn Newspapers […]


Map making a ‘farcical process’

The three longest sitting members of the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District board have again lived up to our low expectations. After hiding from the public for six months a lawsuit alleging violation of the California Voting Rights Act, the PVRPD board finally acquiesced and subdivided the electorate into five districts. The result—not unexpectedly —is a voting map solidifying […]

Airport issue needs leadership

I, like others, have been following the thread on Nextdoor since this issue has come up. I live here in Camarillo but actually reside in the deformed toe of Ventura County. I really don’t get much of a say in the city where I live. Subsequently, I rely on one human being, Kelly Long, to represent me, as do about […]