2021-01-01 E-Edition

A wintry welcome to 2021

ICING ON THE CAKE—Snow-frosted Topatopa Mountains as seen from Camarillo on Tuesday after the first storm of the winter season.

Drive-by shooters still on the lam

SUV shot up as it was leaving local market

As of Thursday at press time, no suspects had been named in a Sunday shooting in Camarillo that sent two men to the hospital with bullet wounds. At least 20 shots were fired around 5:35 p.m. near Lomita Street and N. Glenn Drive just east of Arneill Road. A person or persons opened fire on a gray Ford Escape SUV […]

Looking back on a year unlike any other

In years past, the annual roundup of the Camarillo Acorn’s top 10 news stories has served as an end-of-the-year reflection on the people and events that made an impact in the city over the previous 12 months. Few would argue that 2020 was a year unlike any other in recent memory. COVID-19 has woven itself into the very fiber our […]

Ignoring local politics comes with a price

As we thankfully close the book on 2020, let’s take with us one important lesson (of many): Local government matters. Whether it’s the City Council, school board or park district, these bodies have control over our daily lives, and if we don’t exercise our power to keep them accountable or don’t do our research before voting, we are left at […]

Political Cartoon

Officers need better training

In the Dec. 25 issue, it was revealed that California Highway Patrol Officer Barrett, implicated in the death of Sgt. Helus two years prior, has been cleared of wrongdoing. This is quite right. The responsibility for Sgt. Helus’ death (by friendly fire in the gun fight at Borderline Bar & Grill), lies not with Barrett but with the CHP, which […]

Oil seep is being mischaracterized

As a Camarillo Springs resident, I’m pleased to see the owner of the golf course take swift and immediate action to address oil seeping into a pond on the east side of the property. It’s clear ownership is working closely with relevant state agencies to do everything possible to minimize hazards to wildlife. This is important work that must continue. […]

Virus is bad, but fear is worse

It wasn’t a Merry Christmas for many people this year. It’s been a strange set of events: looting, shootings,virus and lockdowns. We were all given freedom of choice by God, our creator. But government is trying to take it away from us. We are all responsible for our actions, good or bad. We resent being treated like children who don’t […]

Wants sheriff to enforce masks

To Sheriff Bill Ayub: Please, please, please enforce the mask mandate and protect our fellow citizens from those who presume themselves entitled to place the rest of us at risk. While this arrogance is unspeakable, many of us are at higher risk for becoming infected with COVID-19. I am 65. I am at higher risk because of my age, yet […]