2020-06-12 E-Edition

Spartans come together while still apart

AT LAST—Above, members of one of the graduating groups from Rio Mesa High School toss their caps into the air after a ceremony on Monday. Below left, Rio Mesa High School Principal Mark Contreras takes a selfie with one of the groups. Small groups of up to 15 graduates and their families attended ceremonies over a four-day period. Below right, […]

‘Heading in the wrong direction’

Health officer concerned by rise in hospitalizations

The county saw one of its largest single-day jumps in the number of identified COVID-19 cases Monday, but that’s not what has public health officials worried. Dr. Robert Levin, the county’s public health officer, and Rigoberto Vargas, the county’s public health director, are concerned about the rise in the number of hospitalizations. “I would not be doing my job if […]

Teens face backlash over racial taunts


A peaceful protest that began around 2 p.m. at Constitution Park on Saturday afternoon was marred by Adolfo Camarillo High School students who were taunting protesters from a white pickup truck. Photos and a video of the boys went viral online shortly after being posted later that day. The event was organized by Camarillo residents and Rio Mesa High School […]

SCE works to reduce power shutdowns

High-risk circuits have been segmented

As temperatures rise, Southern California Edison is taking steps to avoid a repeat of last year’s fire season, which brought a series of power outages unlike any the state had seen before. Last fall, the utility company issued over 170,500 notices of possible power interruptions to customers. Power companies typically de-energize transmission lines, known as public safety power shut-offs, during […]

Police say pair installed card skimmers

Two men were arrested last week on suspicion of installing credit card skimmers on gas pumps at a Camarillo station, police said. According to authorities, Las Vegas residents Juan Sosa-Tamayo, 31, and Adrian Leyva-Tamayo, 30, were caught on video the night of June 3 placing credit card skimmers in gas pumps at Adolfo Gas, 4007 Adolfo Road. Police found 15 […]

Students’ act was cruel and cowardly


The five teens who thought it was a good idea to taunt Saturday’s protesters with racial slurs and obscenities made, without a doubt, an inexcusably senseless decision that was not only cruel but cowardly. What they did wasn’t exercising their freedom of speech. It was an exercise in idiotic, malicious, racist and backward thinking. (See story Page 1.) From the […]

A prayer for peace, healing

“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.” Sound familiar? No police, no National Guard and no military can stop and heal this pain. Only God can change hearts and minds. We can protest injustice, but violence doesn’t change anything. This sore of racism has been festering for ages. George Floyd’s senseless, brutal […]

The importance of teaching values to combat racism

Over the weekend, we watched peaceful protests call for justice and equality after the killing of George Floyd. We saw thousands of people engage in nonviolent peaceful protests. We also witnessed media images of violence in our communities and across America. Our children will seek to understand these events. As adults and educators, we must listen and respond with honesty […]

Questions lead to chat dismissal

OnJune6Iattendedavirtual coffee session with Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin on Zoom. I have also taken part in several of her Friday COVID teleconferences. These calls always focus solely on the statistics related to COVID but never deal with any of the collateral damage. The virtual coffee began with Mike Petit, assistant CEO of Ventura County, saying that to date 35 people had […]