2020-05-08 E-Edition

a moving celebration

Camarillo High staff goes the extra mile to honor the Class of 2020

ALL THROUGH THE TOWN— Above, Adolfo Camarillo High School Principal Matt La Belle, along with the school mascot, leads a caravan of more than two dozen faculty members through Camarillo to celebrate the school’s senior class on May 1. Top right, Claudia Helsdon, right, cheers with her son Joshua, an ACHS senior, as the parade drives through Camarillo. Bottom right, […]

City talks budget cuts due to crisis

Report projects
$1.5M in losses

With people in the county and across the nation forced to hit pause on work, shopping and travel due to the coronavirus outbreak, the City of Camarillo has begun to feel the effects of the resulting economic fallout, said City Manager Tully Clifford. During an April 29 City Council meeting, city staff presented their first attempt at a budget for […]

State gives OK for some businesses to reopen

Gov. Gavin Newsom relaxed some restrictions on the state’s stay-at-home orders yesterday, allowing businesses and retailers deemed to be low-risk to reopen as long as they follow various safety restrictions. During a Thursday press conference, the governor said the state is gradually moving into Phase 2 of its four-stage reopening plan. This stage will allow clothing stores, bookstores, sporting goods […]

Antibody testing begins

County orders 10K tests

Ventura County Public Health has begun testing for COVID-19 antibodies, a major step that must be taken before the local economy can reopen, experts say. The county has received 192 tests, which will be followed by 1,000 more in the coming weeks, with a goal of acquiring 10,000 shortly thereafter, said Mike Powers, county CEO. The purchase—at a cost of […]

No fair this year

First time since WWII

There will be no racing pigs to gawk at this summer, no giant turkey legs to munch on. And if you’re craving a chocolatecovered corn dog, you’ll just have to make one yourself. For the first time since World War II, the Ventura County Fair is being canceled. The 12-day “Country Fair With Ocean Air,” scheduled for Aug. 5 to […]

County, city need to help in small-business recovery

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement that retailers up and down the state could begin offering curbside pickup as soon as Friday did little to elicit cheers from the local smallbusiness community. Hard to blame them. For starters, many big-box stores and national chains have already been offering the service throughout the shutdown, and they’re the same stores now poised to take […]

Wants Brownley to debate

I am writing in support of Ronda Kennedy’s call for debates with Congresswoman Julia Brownley. I am sick of campaigns being controlled by the money spent. We should have the opportunity to hear directly from our candidates. How else can we make an informed decision this November election? These debates can be safely accomplished by Zoom. With neither person needing […]

Time to lift quarantine

For more than a month now, our unelected chief medical officer, Dr. Levin, has closed our businesses, schools and recreation facilities, creating undue fear, destroying our economy and violating our basic rights. The purpose of the stay-athome orders were to avoid our healthcare system from being overwhelmed. We have achieved this objective at a heavy cost. The doctor’s prediction of […]

Big don’ts at doughnut shop

I was lucky to come upon the Rolling Pin Donuts one evening and thought my daughter and I had found a gem in Camarillo, especially since we are from the Newbury Park area. We enjoyed a doughnut that I honestly must say left a lasting impression, and I have been quick to give them praise. This evening, after leaving an […]