2020-04-24 E-Edition

Sunshine a natural remedy

FRESH AIR—Above, Camarillo resident Todd Anderson, right, relaxes in his front yard April 18 as he watches his son Christian perform tricks on his skateboard. At right, Camarillo resident Camilo Triana, left, takes a quick rest while following a 30-minute exercise video with Alex Llaurado in Nancy Bush Park on Saturday. Many in Camarillo have been doing their best to […]

Air show a no go

Organizers say decision wasn’t easy

For the first time in 40 years, there will be no summertime air show in Camarillo. The Camarillo Wings Association, the nonprofit that puts on the Wings Over Camarillo air show, canceled the annual event for 2020 in the midst of uncertainty about how long state and local stay-at-home ordinances will last. The event will be rescheduled for Aug. 21 […]

Health crisis the final stroke for golf course

25 lose jobs

As other local golf courses saw golfers return this week with the loosening of the county’s stayhome mandate and a return to near-perfect Southern California weather, Camarillo Springs Golf Course remained closed and without the familiar thwack of golf balls being struck. Western Golf Properties, the Orange County-based company that manages the course, released an undated letter late last week […]

City survey gives ‘sobering’ statistics on pandemic’s impact on local economy

Slow response of federal aid a common complaint by owners

A survey sent out to all 4,779 Camarillo businesses by the city economic development team gathered some “sobering information,” according to Economic Development Coordinator Georg Winkler. The survey, sent out April 17, received nearly 700 responses from mostly small businesses in an array of industries. A majority reported their businesses were struggling in some way. According to the survey, 2% […]

As outdoor activities reopen, local officials urge precaution

COVID-19 |

With Ventura County’s hospitalizations from COVID-19 remaining relatively low, Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin issued a new stay-home order this week that he says reflects the reality of the local situation, which is far different than in denser, more populous Los Angeles County. The order allows businesses that don’t deal with the public and have fewer than 10 employees […]

Mountain lions one step closer to getting endangered status

Would further protect big cats

Southern California mountain lions are a step closer to becoming an endangered species. The California Fish and Game Commission voted last week to list cougars in the Southern California and Central Coast regions as candidates for protection under the state’s endangered species act. The vote is in response to a petition submitted last summer by two groups—the Center for Biological […]

Police haul away suspected scam artist

A Glendale man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of attempting to sell a U-Haul vehicle to a Camarillo resident under false pretenses, authorities said. According to the Camarillo Police Department, Yakov Rozenoyer, 38, provided the prospective buyer with a forged certificate of title, switched out the license plates and removed U-Haul decals. The buyer contacted police Saturday to report a […]

Hold on just a little bit longer

The natives are restless. Even as Ventura County Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin announced several eased restrictions, some residents—especially those who’ve been furloughed, laid off or had their business shut down as a result of the coronavirus response—bemoaned the fact that the stay-home order was extended to May 15 from its start date of March 20. As many predicted, […]

Thankful for the little things

Staying at home during this has caused me to appreciate all I have. I am more thankful for a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in, plenty of food and a husband who cares and helps me since my hip surgery. I am getting back to normal (whatever that means). I also called friends I hadn’t seen […]