School district considers bond

Poll shows voters would support $30 tax

Voters in Pleasant Valley School District would support paying an extra $30 a year on their property tax bills to raise $110 million to fix aging plumbing and sewer systems at elementary and middle schools. However, district voters would feel less inclined to support a bond if the money was used for new computers, a centralized kitchen or employee raises. […]


Park district holds out for better deal on land

Valuation of property jumps from $2.3 million to $47.2 million

Last week the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District board accepted the reassessed value of an 88.5-acre parcel of land in Camarillo that a housing developer wants to build homes on, a piece of property which city and park officials believed had been initially valued at well below fair-market price. Walnut, Calif.-based Shea Homes, a privately owned home developer, is […]

Time to get writing

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Acorn’s Fiction in a Nutshell contest, the storytelling challenge where writers submit a complete fiction story in 100 words or less. The stories must have a beginning, middle and end as well as characters, conflict and, preferably, a plot twist. Writers in two categories, 18-and-over and under-18, can submit stories in a […]

A little training can turn anyone into an everyday hero

Multiple stories have been told of concertgoers caught up in the Las Vegas shooting who aided others wounded during the Oct. 1 rampage. Though your chances of being killed in such a shooting are extremely low, a study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine shows that trauma is the leading cause of death for Americans under age […]

I Support the Right

I support the right to keep firearms for home defense and I personally choose to do so, but I also believe if I ever lose that right, it will be because of “extremists” who have ignored the words “well-regulated” and embraced an uninformed view of the Second Amendment. Did these folks ever ask themselves: “What if James Hodgkinson, the shooter […]

Our Government Has…

Our government has the right to regulate, restrict and even ban handguns in this country, but I also recognize that guns and gun ownership are deeply entrenched in America’s culture, history and psyche. This tragedy represents an opportunity to act to reduce this disease in our culture and national reputation. And that’s what it really is. In the same way […]


Last week’s front page photo of David Press on Mount Everest had an error. The base camp to which Press had ascended was 17,600 feet above sea level.

Hit-and-run driver is neck deep

Stoplight coming to Dunnigan St.

At each corner of Arneill Road and Dunnigan Street, large bolts in the sidewalk sit covered in traffic cones, but not for much longer. In the next couple of weeks, those bolts will hold the poles for new traffic signals, which will replace the four-way stop signs at the intersection. According to Dave Klotzle, director of public works, the signal […]