Library program is out of this world

Park district wants to increase revenue

Board, management consider wide range of possibilities

Still struggling to see more tax revenue come through the door, the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District’s board of directors sat down with district management to discuss creative ways to come up with more money. Park district front office staff and board members went over a list of more than 100 ideas during the district’s Oct. 2 study session. […]

Plans to put housing on Imation site move forward

Developers ready to revamp the former Imation site on Lewis Road have started a larger conversation about what type of housing Camarillo needs and whether the city has an obligation to provide rentals to university students. The Camarillo City Council discussed the 33-acre housing project—part of which is on the former Imation site—during its Sept. 25 meeting. The planning commission, […]

Move to unionize remains in neutral

Although several employees with the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District filed a request to unionize in April, it’s been months and neither side has moved forward with the next step. The request came after months of employee benefit cuts. Workers felt they didn’t have a say before benefit changes were voted on by the district’s board of directors, which […]

Apartments deserve a fair shake

The developers aiming to bring housing to the former Imation site have taken another small step toward revamping the 33-acre property. The City Council approved two zoning changes in the Dawson Drive area, changing two parcels from industrial to high-density residential (see story on page 1). The vote gives FF Realty, the San Diego-based developer in charge of the project, […]

Open letter to the council

Dear council members: I was born and raised in Camarillo for the last 21 years of life. It has been with great sadness and contempt that I have watched our beautiful farmland be paved over to make room for more housing, industry and retail. I will never understand the human mentality of destroying our precious land for the use of […]


Bird tests positive for West Nile

A dead crow from Simi Valley tested positive for West Nile virus on Sept. 24, the eighth bird found with the virus in Ventura County so far this year. Seven of the eight infected birds have been discovered in Simi Valley. Randy Smith, supervising specialist with the Ventura County Environmental Health Division, said crows, ravens and blue jays are among […]


Camarillo The city reported graffiti along the Calleguas Creek walking trail between Aug. 13 and 24. Ventura County Credit Union, 711 E. Daily Drive, reported a burglary attempt Sept. 14. Someone’s identity was stolen Sept. 20. A homeowner reported annoying phone calls in the 600 block of W. Highland Drive between Sept. 23 and Oct. 2. A thief stole items […]

Living on the edge

Studies show large carnivores face obstacles to survival

Despite urban sprawl, mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes remain an important part of the local ecology. But the growth in man’s footprint has made it increasingly difficult for the cats and canines to survive. Because they are confined to small areas of natural habitat, mountain lions are vulnerable to territorial fights and inbreeding. Some are hit by cars, and others […]