2017-05-05 / Real Estate

Dilbeck agent specializes in helping seniors and their families

Tim Freund Tim Freund “I have worked with seniors ever since I became a senior real estate specialist 10 years ago,” said Tim Freund of Dilbeck Estates/Christie’s.

“My group has made a point of offering several real-estate related services to help seniors and their families and really anyone who finds they are facing changes in their lives. For example, the Tim Freund Group has an in-house appraiser who does date-of-death appraisal, a requirement for any estate,” Freund said.

“We also work with several escrow and title companies to help our clients ensure title is held the way it’s supposed to be, whether that’s putting back into the trust after a refinance or clarifying proper chain of title after death or divorce.

“Often, when children inherit a property from their parents or when a parent goes into assisted care, they need help. We have people who do the decluttering, packing, estate and garage sales, and even someone who buys and sells items at the local flea markets.

“We can help arrange charitable donations, and of course we sell all kinds of real estate, including income property as well as handle probate and trustee sales. We work closely with several attorneys and estate planners,” he said.

Freund helps his clients in some unique ways, too.

“I recently sold a home in Lynn Ranch where an elderly seller didn’t want a sign, didn’t want to be on the MLS and really didn’t want showings. While that posed a challenge, we were able to market the property through our widely read newsletter, The County Line Gazette, and get it sold for her at market price. Frankly, it was really cool,” he said.

Freund, a certified residential specialist, has been selling real estate across all price ranges throughout Southern California since 1990. He has sold nearly 1,000 homes.

“We just handled a trustee sale near Hancock Park, so we go where our clients need us,” he said.

To reach Freund, call ( 805) 427- 3008 or visit www.1000OaksRealEstate.com.

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