2017-04-21 / Community

City signs off on bigger fireworks show

By Stephanie Sumell

This year’s Fourth of July fireworks show is shaping up to be more spectacular than those in years past.

Last year the annual event at Adolfo Camarillo High School left its audience waiting in the dark for hours with not so much as a sparkler.

To help make up for the fireworks flop of 2016, the Camarillo City Council agreed last week to hire Pyro Spectaculars Inc. to stage a half-hour fireworks show for its annual Fourth of July Fireworks and Fun Day.

The Rialto-based company has staged 20 fireworks shows for the city since 1994.

Last year was the first year in many it was not hired for the event, which the city puts on with the Camarillo/Somis Pleasant Valley Lions Club. Instead, Santa Monica-based Exposhows Inc. was given the contract, but a malfunction with its firing system led to the show being canceled.

The city usually spends about $25,000 on the show but this year will pay $40,000 for a half-hour event, 10 minutes longer than previous fireworks shows.

“ From our end, we’ re excited to be back with the City of Camarillo,” Pyro’s Aaron Beargeon, the show producer, said. “We’re looking to shoot from two different locations this year. We’ll have our traditional location (over the football field), and the other show will be shot utilizing the baseball field to bring the fireworks a little closer to the audience.”

Wary of having history repeat itself, city staff recommended Pyro Spectaculars for the job after reviewing proposals from Fireworks America and Pyro Engineering.

The company offers a free soundtrack app for mobile devices that enables people to listen to the music for the show no matter where they’re watching it from.

Assistant City Manager Tom Fox recommended Pyro Spectaculars to the City Council.

“They are certainly aware of . . . what happened last year and know they need to provide a very good event.”

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