2017-03-17 / Letters

Not a fan of Frontier

If you were one of the people with Verizon who ended up with Frontier, please note what I just went through.

The term of my FiOS internet was up. I called and was told that Frontier is not offering any more discounts to the people who were with Verizon, and that you have to convert to a Frontier package to get a discount.

The person indicated that she could get me close to what I was paying if I would go with a twoyear contract, but she could not tell me if there would be an increase in the other taxes and fees.

The price would go up in the second year, and I did not understand why. Even with the increase, it was cheaper, so I decided to switch. Big mistake.

On my next bill, my taxes and fees went from $12.53 to $22.31. Some of the fees clearly went back to Frontier, so they found a way to get more by calling it a fee.

The Camarillo Franchise fee seemed more like a tax that we were passing to Camarillo. I have to check if I can write it off my next taxes. I am still fighting them over the fact that they’re still not showing the base fee I was quoted.

Bottom line is: Once you switch you cannot go back, and if you get a two-year contract, you will likely pay more than with the old Verizon package.

As a final “gotcha,” you will have to pay a cancellation fee if you want to switch.

Mel Staton

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