2017-03-17 / Letters

Denser housing is not a popular option

The March 10 editorial, “Denser housing is the new reality in county,” is yet another example of the Acorn—and others with a pulpit, who are pro-development— chastising and attempting to scold Camarillo taxpayers/voters, saying,“Why doesn’t everyone support more development; let’s grow the tax base; welcome big-box stores and more people.”

Surely the Camarillo voters don’t understand the impact of SOAR. We need more tax revenue to sustain Camarillo, etc.

Fact: The overwhelming (75- plus percent) consistent and sustained vote for several years has been “no” to growth, yet the Acorn and others feel the voters (silent majority) simply are not sophisticated enough to know what is best for all of Camarillo.

Like it or not, the majority does know and will remain steadfast. Even City Councilelected members remain accountable to the majority or risk losing their support (vote).

Please, the Acorn is a wonderful weekly publication many of us look forward to reading. Don’t support a position the overwhelming majority of readers do not agree with.

Rob Martinez

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