2017-02-17 / Letters

Critical review of facts needed

Dear Muslim neighbors:

The temporary immigration ban on seven Mideast nations that President Donald Trump signed by executive order was not an indictment or judgment on you or your family or any U.S. citizens who happen to be Muslim. Why?

Well, contrary to how the ban has been characterized by many in the media and special interest groups, there are over 70 predominantly Muslim countries that were not included.

How inconvenient to the left wing and Trump-haters’ narrative that this travel ban is “Muslim” only. Was the temporary ban initiated clumsily? Certainly. Is Trump abrasive and rude? I think we can all agree on that! However, Trump made the decision; it was not mine or yours to make and he did it to protect us all.

I support his efforts to protect all my neighbors whether they be Muslim, Christian or any religion including the religion of atheism. Anyone who comes here to escape violent Islamic extremists or to have a better life should understand that. It only makes sense.

Perhaps a little less reflexive anti-Trump hatred and a little more critical review of the facts should be taken by all. Certainly mainstream media wants you and everyone else to think all refugees are just sincere students separated from their U.S. colleges, young mothers with families waiting here, adorable babies and children languishing in airports.

But the same media conveniently do not show the videos of able-bodied young men streaming into Europe (supposed refugees), terrorizing neighborhoods and demanding change from the local citizenry.

Our own customs and border patrol admits they cannot properly vet the number of immigrants Obama wanted to allow into the U.S., so why is this travel ban even an issue? Obama policies have been disaster and both Democrats and Republicans have failed to create a common-sense, comprehensive immigration policy that allows our needed farmworkers to travel back and forth without fear while at the same time making sure all legal immigrants are properly vetted.

Hatred of Muslims? Hardly. Realistic response to a clear and present danger? Most definitely.

Bert Rivera

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