2014-02-28 / Faith


People struggling canfind moments of hope
By Debbie Dillon
Special to the Acorn

Debbie Dillon Debbie Dillon The images have clouded over the years, but sometimes the cotton-candylike fog clears and I’m that little girl again, walking the fence line with Papo, one of my real-life childhood superheroes.

Marbles grew out of the dirt in his backyard. I remember plucking them from the ground and filling my pockets—dirt and all. He and Mamo knew just how to calm the storm of a little girl caught in the middle of divorce—how it tugged and pulled and confused me.

Yet those simple, sweet, quiet moments spent walking hand-inhand in search of little shiny spots of hope are more precious now than before as I realize God’s in- volvement— even then.

He gives us those shiny moments in the middle of our struggle. Sometimes they’re a little more hidden beneath the dirt, but they’re there. He carefully plants each one just like I imagine Papo did, scattering those marbles along the fence, hiding them just enough to be a mystery, yet exposing just enough to catch the light of day and a granddaughter’s smile.

Sometimes it’s easy to build things up in our minds when we’re hoping for the perfect outcome. The perfect situation. The perfect opportunity.

I’m praying God has scattered little rays of hope along your path, treasured moments in the midst of stress and trial that reflect the light of his love, shiny moments to tuck away in the pockets of your mind.

When times are good, be happy, but when times are bad, consider:

God has made the one as well as the other.

Therefore, no one can discover anything about their future (Ecclesiastes 7:14) NIV.

Debbie Dillon is founder and editor of Christian Women’s Voice magazine. Visit www.christianwomensvoice.org.

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