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Library to upgrade computers

New rules for DVDs, rentals
By Roxanne Estrada

New computers, a change in checkout rules, and rental rates for a new piano were three agenda items discussed by the Camarillo City Council acting as the Camarillo Library board during a regular council meeting March 14.

Computer upgrades

The Camarillo Public Library’s technology services will be getting nearly 150 new computers this summer.

The city is inviting computer providers to submit bids by next month and a contract will likely be awarded in May, said Richard Petropulos, city director of general services.

The new computers will replace machines that were purchased when the library opened in 2007, he said.

Library staff tried to maintain the outdated computers, Petropulos said, but it was difficult to find replacement parts.

“The critical factor is we want the reliability and the functionality so the public has the use of the computers and staff can do their job,” he said. “Things wear out and that’s what happened with these computers. If we replace them by buying them in bulk, we tend to get a better price.”

In all, 145 new computers will be located in different sections of the library.

There will be seven in the technology room, 31 public computers on the second floor, 10 for the homework center, 15 for the young adult area, 12 in the children’s area, nine for the family literacy center, 16 used for cataloging, four spares and 41 for staff that includes self-check and checkout stations.

New rules on renewals

The library staff will now restrict renewals on certain popular items as well as materials borrowed from other libraries.

Petropulos said the library’s DVD collection has been very popular and some newly released movies are in high demand. Previously, the library’s policy allowed 10 movies to be checked out at time for seven days and renewed for another seven days.

With the new policy, 10 movies can still be checked out at one time for seven days but some high-demand movies will not be available for renewal.

“There’s a limited number of DVDs available and this allows for equal distribution so they don’t end up being in one person’s hands for too long so other people don’t get a chance to check it out,” Petropulos said.

Renewals for interlibrary loans may also not be available, Petropulos said. When the Camarillo Library borrows material from another library, he said, the host library sometimes gives a deadline for its return. Camarillo Library staff will now extend that deadline to a customer in order to return the item to the host library on time, he said.

Library rental fees

The City Council also approved rental use fees for the library’s stage, its piano, and the community room as a wedding venue during the March 14 meeting.

Currently, the community room can be rented out as a wedding venue for eight hours at a cost of $450. The new policy adds an additional four hours to the reservation block to allow for setup and breakdown of decorations.

The additional four hours will cost $100.

The nonprofit Friends of the Camarillo Library paid for the design and installation of a Murphy-style stage that collapses. The 8-foot-by-8-foot-by- 12-foot stage is now available to the public for four hours at $50 or for an eight-hour wedding reservation at $100. The rental fees will offset maintenance and repairs of the stage.

The Friends of the Camarillo Library also donated a grand piano and matching bench for musical programs and recitals in the community room. The piano is now available for rent. A four-hour reservation will cost $100, an eight-hour reservation for weddings is $200. The rental fees are expected to offset maintenance and tuning for the piano.

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