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380 homes to join district’s sewer system

Nearly 400 homes just outside Camarillo city limits are on track to join its sewer system.

The homes, north of Las Posas Road, currently use a septic system, said Tom Fox, public works director.

The Regional Water Quality Control Board wants residents to switch from septic to city sewer systems to ensure good water quality, Fox said. If a septic tank breaks, the waste will leak into the ground and over time could contaminate groundwater.

Several homeowners approached the city a few years ago to switch to Camarillo Sanitary District’s sewer system, Fox said.

Fox said the city looked at connecting a few homes into the sewer system but realized it was more cost-effective to annex large tracts of homes all at once.

To that end, the city has been in the process of contacting the hundreds of homeowners and planning the large- scale project. As opposed to each household paying $8,000 apiece, it will cost the Camarillo Sanitary District $120,000 to annex the 380 homes onto the district sewer system.

The homes will be connected to the sewer system but won’t be part of the city, Fox said.

The $120,000 price tag covers administration fees such as mapping the properties and logistics.

The process to officially annex the homes began when Camarillo City Council approved the project during a regular meeting Feb. 8.

The approval was sent to the Ventura County’s Local Area Formation Council, a group that oversees all county annexations. The council will hold a public hearing sometime in April, Fox said.

After the hearing, Fox said, there will be another few months of follow-up analysis and mapping. All the homes should be officially annexed to the Camarillo Sanitary District by the end of summer, Fox said.

Roxanne Estrada

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