2011-08-12 / Community

Bicycle thefts triple over past two months

—Roxanne Estrada

The Camarillo Police Department has seen a rise in bicycle thefts over the past two months.

Senior Dep. Sean Britt said it may be a summer trend but police aren’t sure of the cause. They don’t believe one person on a crime spree is responsible for all the thefts, he said.

One or two bicycles are normally reported stolen each month, Britt said, but recently residents have reported about six stolen bicycles per month.

Britt expects the actual number of bicycle thefts is even higher because most people don’t report stolen bicycles, thinking it’s a lost cause.

Bicycles have been stolen from various parts of the city, including the Metrolink parking lot, Kmart, the Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo, Mobil and Summerfield avenues, and Adolfo Camarillo High School.

About 60 percent of the stolen bicycles had been unlocked at the time of the theft. Britt said police aren’t sure how the locked bicycles were stolen, but he recommends that riders use locks to secure their bikes.

Britt said bicycle owners should write down their cycle’s serial number so that if a bike is stolen the information can be used to record it as stolen property. If the bicycle is found, police officers can ensure the bike will be returned to the owner.

If anyone has information about a bicycle theft or any other crime, call Britt at the Camarillo Police Department, (805) 388-5130, or email william. britt@ventura.org.

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