2011-06-03 / Business

Leasing May Help Company’s Bottom Line

Elite Financial Leasing is helping businesses grow even during these trying economic times. Working with some of the largest lending institutions in the country, Elite Financial Leasing has developed many innovative leasing and cash-flow solutions to help business grow.

Equipment leasing is usually the most cost-effective method for businesses to grow. Depending upon the company’s cash-flow position, income tax position and needs for further growth, leasing can give a company the ability to acquire necessary equipment for less cost and greater tax savings.

Elite works with all types of companies, industries and equipment. It also works with startup companies as well as companies with challenged credit profiles due to the bad economy.

Elite also offers innovative and creative cash-flow programs where equipment isn’t involved but a company’s cashflow position is the primary factor in determining the ability for a company to get more working capital for expansion.

The company’s focus is to work with any company that wishes to increase their business. Period. A myriad of tools and programs are available, waiting to assist those businesses who want to grow their company but don’t know where to turn.

Elite Financial Leasing is a sister company to Elite Financial and has been in business for 23 years in Westlake Village.

For more information, call Mike Kagan at (805) 494-9930.

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