2009-09-04 / Health & Wellness

Why eye protection is important

Almost every sport has its own unique safety equipment, but most participants in sports forget to protect one of the most important parts of the body: the eyes, said Marty Schneider, OD, therapeutic optometrist.

“Every year, more than 40,000 people suffer injuries to the eyes while playing sports,” Schneider said. “Most of these could be avoided by wearing proper eye protection.”

Protective sports eyewear can help prevent injuries such as fracture of the eye socket, scratched corneas, retinal detachments and even cataracts caused by trauma to the eye, Schneider said.

If a child has a blow to the head or around the eyes, they should have a complete eye examination to rule out trauma inside the eyes.

Schneider owns and practices at Camarillo Vision Center at 2460 E. Las Posas Road, Ste. B, Camarillo. Contact him directly at (805) 987-2400.

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