2008-11-28 / Editorials

Shop local, Camarillo

You can't turn on a television, tune into a radio program, log on to the Internet or open a newspaper without hearing about the state of our economy. Look no further than this week's front page. National, state and local money experts want to make sure everyone knows pocketbooks everywhere will be that much thinner in the near future.

Both in the U.S. and worldwide, the reverberations of the mortgage meltdown and subsequent implosion of America's leading financial institutions have leaders, pundits and laymen looking to fix the mess that has retailers reaching for their Rolaids.

Without a doubt, most families will be spending less this holiday season. But what Camarillo shoppers should keep in mind that spending money locally is the best investment you can make in our city's economy.

Now is as good a time as ever to be reminded about why you should buy goods and services at local stores and not somewhere else or on the Internet.

1. Convenience. Nothing matches the ease of buying locally and taking the product home. If it's not in stock, you can usually get a rain check. The product is handed to you after payment.

2. Selection. A catalogue or web page can't replace seeing the product with your own eyes, touching it and asking questions (if necessary) and having a salesperson answer them.

3. Service. Some stores offer gift wrapping. If it's a big item, some offer delivery service or help you transfer the product to your vehicle. And local stores have people to answer questions if you have a problem after the purchase.

4. Ease of exchange. If you bought it locally, the item can be returned for exchange or your money back. The process is usually quick and hassle free.

And, most importantly:

5. Keeping the dollars at home.

When you buy locally, your money works for you locally. One percent of the sales tax stays right here—and Camarillo needs it more than ever.

With the squeeze from both Sacramento and Washington, D.C., the city's coffers are dependent as ever on revenue from local sales tax. So if you want city services, such as road repair and the police, to stay on track, save your breath complaining to the public works department and instead spend your money—locally that is.

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