2008-11-21 / Community

City begins $300,000 planting project

The Camarillo Hills Drain construction project was finished last year. Now native vegetation must be planted along the banks of the drain.

The drain, which is north of the Camarillo Airport, was expanded five years ago to provide flood protection and to carry more water from the western part of the city to the ocean, said Tom Fox, the city's public works director.

Camarillo is expected to spend about $300,000 to plant indigenous vegetation along the drain. The planting is required by the California Department of Fish and Game; some of the costs of the project will be offset by the Ventura County Watershed Protection District.

Once the bids come in and are approved by the City Council, Fox estimated that the city will begin planting along the 2-mile stretch of drain in spring 2009. This phase of the project will take four to six months to finish.

The Camarillo Hills Drain travels from west of the Camarillo Airport to Las Posas Road.

"All our smaller drains and street water flow into the (Camarillo Hills Drain), and that accumulates fairly quickly into a large amount of water that's transported out of the city into natural waterways and channels out to the ocean," Fox said. "If you think of it as a road, this drain is a major artery that drains water away from the city."

—Eliav Appelbaum

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