2007-03-09 / Editorials

Help collar 'ring and rob' bandits

Police are asking for the public's help in nabbing a team of "ring and rob" crooks who have burglarized five Camarillo homes in the past two months.

Late last week, the burglars hit a Spanish Hills home on the 600 block of Corte Estrella. The intruders, who entered the home through a second-floor bathroom window, made off with thousands of dollars in jewelry, according to police reports.

Similar to the pattern of other daytime burglaries in the area, the homeowner said she had heard someone knock on her door earlier in the day. Suspecting the visitor was a solicitor, the homeowner didn't answer the door. The woman left her home later that afternoon, returning to find it had been burglarized.

Burglars, acting as door-to-door salespeople or as someone interested in buying a home, knock on the front door to determine if someone is home. If the knock goes unanswered, the burglar assumes the house is empty and is more likely to clean out the valuables. Police say it's a good idea to acknowledge solicitors- which can be done without opening the door- so it's clear that the home is not unoccupied.

Officials with the Camarillo Police Department want to remind residents that solicitors must carry city-issued permits. Ask to see the permit, police advise, and if the person on the doorstep cannot provide one, close the door and call the police immediately.

Because descriptions of suspects vary, police said, residents are asked to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhood to the police department.

Police offer these three easy tips for protecting your home and car against burglars:

+Always lock your car and home.

+Don't leave valuables in plain view inside your home or car.+

Never leave car or home keys inside your unattended car. To report any suspicious activity or door-to-door salespeople soliciting without a permit, call the Camarillo Police Department at (805) 388-5100.

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