2007-02-23 / Editorials

The end is surely near if the Smith and Spears media frenzy doesn't stop

If you ever doubted that the end is near, consider the media feeding frenzy over Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears.

The more we read, see and hear, the more we're convinced that the Final Days are upon us.

Why are Americans morbidly fascinated by the dysfunctional and deteriorating lives (or deaths) of celebrities? Maybe we think our lives have more meaning because of the pointlessness of theirs.

Let's cut to the chase here. Smith and Spears are exceptions to the "normal" standards of fame.

Neither has an iota of talent. Both became celebrities for one reason and one alone- they're "eye candy."

People achieve celebrity status for various reasons. They may be talented actors. They may possess incredible singing voices or dancing abilities. They may be funny or witty.

They may have excelled at any number of disciplines because of raw talent or because they devoted vast amounts of time to practicing and refining their skills.

Then there are those who became famous because they had an outstanding collection of genes. They "made it" on their appearance.

They're either pretty or handsome or beautiful.

Smith and Spears fall into this category. They found fame while riding the coattails of their good looks.

It's not their fault. They got rich because they knew- or they learned- how to play the game. They became famous because an adoring public made it happen.

We who made them celebrities also became obsessed, however, when things went wrong. For some unknown reason, "how the mighty have fallen" makes captivating headlines. Even more mysteriously, nobody seems to admit they're even mildly interested in the latest about Smith and Spears.

But somebody obviously is.

In the meantime, we can't wait for both stories to run their course.

Maybe we're missing something. Smith and Spears might be hot news right now because Americans are tired of reading, seeing and hearing about the things that really matter.

Which might be the end of the world unless the media stop force-feeding us a never-ending diet of Smith and Spears stories.

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