2006-05-05 / Schools

Camarillo High boosters among state's top eScrip earners

Adolfo Camarillo High School's (ACHS) Athletics Booster Club was recently honored for its participation in the eScrip program. Securing a top spot for participation in the program in Southern California, ACHS Athletics Booster Club also remains in the top 1 percent of more 35,000 organizations that participate in the eScrip fundraising program.

In addition, ACHS Athletics Booster Club was honored for top eScrip overall earnings.

"ACHS Athletics Booster Club has done an excellent job of spreading the message to their supporters about signing up for eScrip and shopping at Vons. These two messages have boosted the participation and earning levels of this group to over $59,506.27 in contributions through the eScrip program," said Joanne Remillard, executive vice president for eScrip.

"All of this would not be possible without the extraordinary efforts of ACHS Athletics Booster Club eScrip volunteers Mike Smith and Mary Perez and most importantly, Vons' continued dedication to the education of youth," said Remillard. "Vons has contributed over $120 million to date to the education of youth through the eScrip program. This is a commitment unparalleled in the grocery industry."

"Here at Camarillo High School, we are deeply indebted to the people at eScrip and all the related merchants who have done so much for our student body. We have used eScrip funds to enrich the high school experience for every student/athlete in our school. We have improved our athletic facilities in general and provided specific equipment, coaches, and team items for each sport," said Smith, who is the school's athletic director.

ACHS Athletics Booster Club uses their eScrip funds for many things throughout their athletic program: storage containers for teams, uniforms and warm-ups, additional coaching salaries, wind screens for tennis courts, sportsmanship banners and other materials, clinics for coaches, dirt for baseball and softball fields, summer leagues for student-athletes, wrestling mats, production of athletic handbooks for parents, athletics website, ice machines, flooring for gym and weight room, and many other equipment items for all sports.

eScrip was founded in 1997 with the mission to design and implement innovative marketing programs that bring retailers, manufacturers and service providers forward in support of education and youth-oriented organizations.

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