2006-04-07 / Editorials

The Camarillo Acorn - your community newspaper


With its deep, rich history, its warm sense of community and its nurturing approach to local business, the city of Camarillo truly is a perfect place to plant an Acorn.

And today we are doing just that.

We are extremely pleased to present the debut issue of the Camarillo Acorn newpaper, a free community newspaper focused on the schools, sports, neighborhood activities, service clubs, area businesses and human interest stories that make this city such a special place to work and live.

Much like Camarillo's motto, "The people are the city," the Camarillo Acorn newspaper strives to put the citizens of Camarillo first. Our goal is to make this newspaper your newspaper.

The Camarillo Acorn newspaper plans to continue the Acorn Newspaper group's 30-year history of community reporting and bring back to Camarillo the good old-fashioned local news coverage the people of this city deserve. And as we arrive on the doorsteps of 25,000 homes and businesses across Camarillo each Friday, that will be our goal.

We're a family-owned newspaper, and we know the importance of strong personal relationships within the cities we serve. To that end, we welcome your feedback, your side of the story and your thoughts on issues affecting the city of Camarillo.

Our Letters to the Editor is a wonderful forum to create discussion, spark debate or bring awareness to those in your neighborhood who quietly continue to work at making this city a better place. We also invite you to send us items for our "Datebook" section and information for our Business Briefs.

Each month, we feature a fun picture-usually submitted by our readers-called the "Squirrel of the Month" photo. To get an idea what we mean, check out this month's squirrel on page 10.

Feel free to call us at (805) 484-2403 or e-mail us at camarillo@theacorn.com. Send your regular mail to P.O. Box 822, Camarillo, CA 93011.

Our door is always open, and we invite you to help us make this newspaper the source of everything Camarillo.

After all, it's your newspaper.

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