2017-04-28 / Editorials

Write a letter and stand up and be counted

The Camarillo Acorn takes great pride in the articles and editorials we publish, and the comments that circle back in the form of letters to the editor make us proud, too.

To everyone who takes time to voice an opinion and write a letter, we say thank you. Communication is a two-way street, and our weekly community forum would not be providing a complete service if it did not give daylight to the opinions of our readers.

Letters to the editor express satisfaction, dissatisfaction, compassion, humor and wisdom—mostly about the goings-on around town. These days, we’re getting more comments about controversial, important events that have besieged Sacramento and Washington, D.C. Readers take a great interest in the world around them, and we’re always intrigued to learn what they are feeling.

Unfettered letter writing is one of the purest expressions of First Amendment freedom. By and large, we print your letters as they are submitted, except when they are too long (more than 350 words) or when indecent or libelous language is used.

Letters should be to the point and not ramble. Personal insults and religious slurs are not allowed, nor do we publish poetry, domestic disputes or information about business transactions that have gone awry. Letters that promote businesses and websites are not allowed. All letters are subject to editing for clarity and grammar.

You can email your letter to the editor at camarillo@theacorn.com or mail it to: Acorn Letters to the Editor, 1203 Flynn Road, Ste. 140, Camarillo, CA 91302. You must include your name (no initials), address and phone number. Full name is required as we never publish a letter anonymously.

Thank you, readers, for your letters to the editor, and please keep them coming: Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of democracy. Silence, like the vote that is never cast, counts for nothing.

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